Hotel Alma de Romero, meeting place for those who love Carranza


The Alma de Romero is a hotel that was created by two people who have given a breath of fresh air to the hotel industry in Carranza, located in the Biscay province of the Basque Country of northern Spain.

The Hotel Alma de Romero is a place where you can forget daily life and enjoy a flood of new sensations that make your stay an unforgettable experience
It’s location in the remote and rustic countryside, surrounded by nature, hills, and the pastoral landscape of the Basque country, draws visitors who want to spend the night in paradise, in rooms laden with fine fabrics featuring Indian-influenced colors and designs.

Lourdes Puente González and Fernando Gundín Quiroga created the hotel with the idea of fostering close contact with nature. Their vision has resulted in a hotel where it’s worth spending the night just to eat the amazing breakfast, a true reflection of the quality of Basque cooking.


The rooms of the hotel have been furnished with an exacting attention to detail
The Alma de Romero Hotel is located in the Parrish of San Miguel de Ahedo, home to the remains of the college founded by Diego of Ahedo, designed for twelve students to study grammar and receive the name of San Lorenzo. Diego of Ahedo, who was born in Ahedo and was Archbishop of Palermo, is one of the architects of Miguel de Cervantes release from captivity, although later studies indicate that it was the religious Juan Gil who sought money and traveled to Algiers to pay for the release of the "one-armed man of Lepanto.”

Fernando Gundín Quiroga Knowledge of Carranza makes him the ideal guide for visiting the great ecological wealth found in the verdant valley surrounding the hotel. Jose E. Prieto, of BID Group One, audited the Alma de Romero hotel and found it to be of the highest quality and excellence, especially since it contributes to the tourism heritage of Biscay. For the audit, Mr. Prieto used the Quality Management model called the QC100, which is used in 179 countries around the world.

Getting to the Hotel Alma de Romero is itself one of the best parts of the journey
The hotel is ranked as a one star hotel, but the benefits, facilities, and quality far outweigh that category.