Building the Future

ARF Telecom Factory from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Working hard to achieve the dream of fiber to every home in the country

© 2016 Ralmen / Javier Z.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most dynamic nations and a leading power in the Middle East, has been making great progress over the last decade in an effort to diversify its once oil-dependent economy. Once chiefly known as an exporter of oil, newly founded companies from the Kingdom are suddenly making forays into new and exciting industries, such as design, construction, fashion, internet services, and a lot more. One of the reasons for these developments has been the KSA’s enormous investments in improving its infrastructure.

The national effort to modernize infrastructure in order to bolster the growing economy with a strong backbone is going strong, and is usually mandated straight from the top. New roads, government buildings, schools, power grids, and a lot more are connecting the country, making commerce run smoothly and efficiently. The country has set a target to have fiber optic broadband internet to every home in Saudi Arabia by 2020, all using locally-sourced equipment.

Riyadh, the capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has played an integral role in the economic development of the country due to the presence of many multinational corporations and government entities within its borders. This city of 7.5 million people is home to many of the country's most iconic monuments and attractions, boasting sights such as historical pieces like the Masmak Fortress, Murabba Palace, and the gates of the old Riyadh city walls alongside booming new constructions such as the strikingly modern and iconic Kingdom Tower, and plenty of new skyscrapers under construction.

But while Riyadh makes for an excellent place to take in some history and architecture, its most important role is perhaps how it is creating the KSA’s future. Many of the country’s most important financial institutions, corporations, and manufacturers make their home in the capital, and among them is ARF Telecom Factory, a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of fiber-optic networking components.

© 2016 Ralmen / Javier Z.

Broadband Internet: Driver of economic development

Without world-class internet speeds, many companies simply couldn’t function in today’s digital landscape. This is why, in keeping with its ambitious national plans, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set such ambitious goals in developing its infrastructure. If all goes according to plan, the KSA will have better internet infrastructure than many of the world’s biggest economies. That is why Saudi companies such as ARF are so impressive: they are making progress a reality.

Founded in 2009, Riyadh-based Al Raghad Telecommunication Factory (ARF) is a leading producer of passive fiber-optics components and installation equipment and accessories in the KSA. Its products include items such as patch cords, fiber optic splitters, distribution units, data cabinets, and more. With an array of highly in-demand products, sold with a passion for customer satisfaction and designed and manufactured under the strictest international quality standards, ARF stands atop a growing industry.

ARF takes great care in the development and improvement of its quality processes. With a company that works in every step of the product creation and marketing process, from design, engineering and manufacturing all the way towards helping clients get the equipment they need, it is important to keep all of the units of the company working together smoothly. That is why ARF regularly updates its management methods, and updates it manufacturing equipment, methods, and technology to create products of continuously improving quality. This is why all of the major network operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia source parts from ARF.


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