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Bale Trekking Tour Company: Guided Nature and Cultural Tours from one of Ethiopia’s Most-Respected Guides

Born and raised in the Bale Mountains National Park, Muzeyen Turke’s guided tours and encyclopedic knowledge of Ethiopian wildlife make this company the go-to for television producers, wildlife photographers, and eco-tourists from around the world

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Located in the center of the Horn of Africa in East Africa, Ethiopia is a country of approximately 99.5 million residents that is widely considered to be the geographical origin for the modern human species. It is said that, from here, Homo sapiens first set out towards the Middle East and beyond, eventually becoming the dominant species on the planet. The area has been home to a sovereign state or kingdom of some kind since the second millennium BC, even becoming the only African country to successfully turn back European colonialism in the 19th century and retain its sovereignty.

Today, Ethiopia is home to one of the world’s fastest growing economies thanks to an industrial boom concentrated in the country’s capital and largest city, Addis Ababa. With a rapidly rising skyline, and being the only city in Africa with a light rail metro system, Addis Ababa is one of the continent’s great cities, and an ideal entry-point into the the beautiful country that is Ethiopia.

Around the world, Ethiopia is renowned for its natural beauty. As it is the meeting point of three tectonic plates, the country is home to some of the most extreme, dramatic, and impressive topography found anywhere on the planet. It also where many of Africa’s most amazing animals live, including hundreds of endangered and endemic species that can only be found in Ethiopia. For this reason, Ethiopia is considered to have an extremely high-potential tourism industry, with attractions ranging from the country’s incredible national parks and many historic sites and ancient ruins.

Eco-tourism and cultural tourism attract hundreds of thousands of people to Ethiopia each year, and perhaps the most unmissable attraction in the country is Bale Mountains National Park, a rugged expanse of protected lands that covers over two-thousand square kilometers across multiple ecosystems in the Bale Mountains and the Sanetti Plateau of southern-central Ethiopia. This massive park and hotspot of biodiversity is best seen from the land itself, trekking either by foot or by horseback through the minimally-developed parklands, and the best tour operator for the park and other Ethiopian tourist attractions is Bale Trekking Tour Company, based in Bale Mountains National Park.

Trek Ethiopia! Where True Expertise and Passion Come Together

© 2016 David V. / Raul M.

Bale Trekking Tour Company is the brainchild of Muzeyen Turke, one of the most renowned guides in all of Ethiopia. His intense knowledge of Ethiopia’s natural environments means that he is able to get his clients up close and personal with some of the most incredible animals on the planet. Turke, who was born and raised in Bale Mountains National Park, first started working in the ecotourism industry at the age of twenty. Over the years, he’s utilized and developed his knowledge of wildlife and the park working for many of the most important organizations working in conservation and science in the park. Some of his past experience includes four years working for the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP) as a Wolf Monitor, following the packs of the highly endangered Ethiopian Wolf and administering rabies vaccinations, and also working with the Frankfurt Zoological Society as a para-ecologist, helping to map the park using GPS technology and documenting the vegetation and small mammal populations living there.

As a result of his experience and lifelong immersion of Ethiopia’s natural environments, Turke is regarded as one of the single best guides in the country, and he has been tapped to lead expeditions of major television programs such as Graham Norton’s visit to the park for the BBC program Saving Wolves and of many of the most respected and well-known nature photographers in the world, including Vincent Munier, Delphin Ruche, and Will Burrard-Lucas, who has become famous for his distinctive nighttime photographs of animals using remote camera traps.

The Ethiopian Wolf attracts attention from all over the world due to the fact that it is the most endangered carnivore in Africa, and the most endangered canid in the world. Muzeyen Turke is perhaps the single most knowledgeable of the species among any tour guide in the country. His extensive experience working with distinctively red and white furred wolves means that he knows the packs individually by name, and any trek with him to the Bale Mountains is guaranteed to include sightings of these rare and beautiful animals.

Other major destinations served by the company include Simien Mountains National Park, Lalibela, Axum, Gonder Habir Dar, the otherworldly Danakil Depression, Harar, The Omo Valley, the Caves of Sof Omar, and more.

For its unrivaled expertise and ability to deliver unforgettable experiences to clients, for its impressive list of past clients, and for its growth potential in an exploding industry, Business Initiative Directions has selected Bale Trekking Tour Company to receive the 2016 BID International Quality Award.


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