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Carnival Inc.

Bangladesh dealer of German made products serves building construction and restoration

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Bangladesh, located to the East of India on the Bay of Bengal, is the eighth most populous country in the world, is considered among the “Next 11” emerging economies. The country has seen enormous economic growth over the past decade, with average GDP growth at 6% from 2004 to 2014. Since gaining independence in 1971, the country has seen enormous development in quality of life, wellbeing, and health care. Literacy rates and educational attainment continues to rise dramatically. The economic engine and the center of cultural and political life in Bangladesh is Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. Dhaka, the 11th largest city by population in the entire world and home to 12 million people, is truly one of the select few up-and-coming global cities that will soon be well-known to people all over the world.

Bangladesh has had an immense impact on global Architecture. The bungalow, a common style of single family home that became especially popular with builders in the early-1900’s has its origins in Bangladesh. Today, neighborhoods full of bungalow-style homes can be seen from Australia to California. Another major style in Bangladeshi architecture is the Indo-Saracenic Revival style, can be seen in the large palaces that borrow from both domestic and british influences. Examples include the Ahsan Manzil in Dhaka, which was completed in 1879, and the Tahjat Palace in Rangpur, completed in the early 20th century.

Historical terracotta temples are a major tourist draw, with the Kantaji Temple and the Puthia temple complex being a concentrated cluster of some of the most amazing Hindu temples in the region. In Dhaka, the 17th century Lalbagh Fort attracts thousands of visitors every year. With such a rich cultural and historical heritage, architecture both modern and ancient is a central part of the Bangladeshi culture. Naturally, businesses have sprouted up in support of both new and old construction, and one of the most revered of these is Carnival Inc. Carnival is a company that works in the application and sale of building products that are used in both the construction of new buildings and the restoration of old ones. These products, manufactured by the innovative German company Remmers GmbH, are strictly available for use in Bangladesh to clients of Carnival inc.

© 2015 Raul M. / JZam
Many of Remmers products are patented and most are available for use in a wide array of applications and on a variety of materials, from concrete and limestone to brick and wood. Remmers products are highly sophisticated chemicals that are developed by a team of 120 scientists in Germany. Carnival describes Remmers as a “pioneer” of water-based coating materials that can keep buildings strong and standing for hundreds of years. Carnival Inc. utilizes quality management techniques that stem from the Total Quality Management and Six Sigma quality systems.
These tools provide Carnival with a strong foundation for quality maintenance and improvement, principles that will serve the company for years to come. Carnival’s clients represent renowned engineers, architects, archaelogists, specialist planners, and high end home and hotel owners in the country, and they will continue to return to Carnival not only for its unique and high quality products, but for its customer-centric service model as well.


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