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Corporación Marmaz Talent Agency in Venezuela uses Quality Management and Attention to Clients to Promote Talent all over the Americas

Venezuela’s farmer inventor Luis Zambrano showed Venezuelan pride and creativity

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From its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, Corporación Marmaz has come to represent recording artists and live musicians all over the Americas, operating in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, and the United States. This international approach is vital for the artists they represent, since Spanish language music is popular in many countries. Marmaz has assembled a team of professionals over the past ten years who have expertise in marketing, recording, distribution, contracting, career development and logistics. BID Group One and Business Initiative Direction is pleased to announce that Corporación Marmaz has been selected to receive the BID Quality Crown Award for 2015.

Venezuela’s Farmer Inventor

In addition to Corporación Marmaz, Venezuela produced one of the most fascinating inventors of the twentieth century, someone that most English speakers have never heard of. His name was Luis Zambrano, and he grew up in an impoverished section of Venezuela. Like Thomas Edison, he only had a fourth grade education. And like Edison, he was a mechanical genius.

Zambrano’s father was a farmer, and by the time the boy had reached the age of ten he had to quit school because he was needed at home to do chores. In his spare time, he developed an interest in mechanics. By inserting sticks through oranges like globes on an axis, then inserting paddles at 90 degree angles, he created spinning toys by harnessing the current of a local stream. His toys became more elaborate as he added interconnected components, and it eventually occurred to him that these machines, if made of more durable material and on a larger scale, could be used to generate mechanical energy.

By direct observation and without the benefit of formal education, Zambrano deduced the ratio of pi, and used this knowledge to design wheels connected to straps. He salvaged a battery and generator from a wrecked car and, with blacksmithing skills learned on the farm and from his father in law, began to construct electrical generating devices when no electrical service existed in Venezuela at the time. Several surrounding villages were in fact electrified by Zambrano’s inventions, some of them fifteen years before the government ever ran power lines in the area.

One of his most interesting inventions was the Turbozam, an internal combustion rotary engine that only had 25 parts and could be disassembled in less than 2 minutes. Interest in the motor was so high that it was the subject of a number of academic papers. It was capable of running on practically any fuel, from gasoline to methane produced by agricultural waste. Although cooling problems with the motor were never completely solved, limiting its running time to only a few minutes, elements of the Turbozam have been incorporated in other machines.

Zambrano became famous in his native Venezuela and was awarded an honorary doctorate. It is estimated that he invented more than 50 machines, including a garlic sorter and a coffee drying machine, as well an hydraulic saw. A foundation which carries his name is still going strong 35 years later, helping young Venezuelans learn about electricity and electric power generation.

While aspiring engineers in Venezuela have the support of the Zambrano Foundation, aspiring musicians must count on support from other sources. The music business is risky and most artists don’t make a living at it. The knowledge set necessary to successfully promote a career is very different from that necessary to produce music, and for this the services of dedicated professionals is essential. In order to allow musicians to concentrate on the creative process, Corporación Marmaz focuses on the details that give artists the maximum opportunity to be successful.


Good management means taking charge of advertising, business development, revenue streams, and labor management. It also includes negotiating contracts, visual design, press releases, media tours and long term strategies.


Booking artists to give them the maximum amount of exposure and revenue streams means that the agency must establish and nurture relationships with promoters, handle contractual, accounting and logistical issues, and deal with promoting the event. Artists represented by Marmaz appear at a wide range of venues including festivals, congresses, intimate spaces, live radio shows, theaters and outdoor venues where exposure is maximized in order to further the artist's career and generate added value to their experience in the industry.


In addition to the time consuming daily work of negotiating with third parties, the professionals at Marmaz provide advice and consultancy services, workshops, and instruction about the music market for the artists they represent. Marmaz also works as a clearinghouse where artists can make contact with investors and entrepreneurs in the industry, cementing mutually beneficial relationships.

TV, Radio and Newspapers

Album launches are special times for an artists, where the quality of promotional activity can have a huge effect on the record’s success. Artists are understandably nervous to see how the product of months or even years of work will be received by the public, and depend on the professionalism and trust formed over time with their promoters and agents in order to have the maximum amount of commercial success. Proper promotion starts months in advance, arranging for air time with radio stations, holding press conferences and other media events for magazines, newspapers and television, creating graphics, writing professional media guides, taking advantage of social media, and concentrating media presence.

© 2015 R. Mena / David V.
The BID committee was particularly impressed with the wide range of services offered by the agency, including association with an international law firm, and the extensive press coverage received by their artists, many of whom are just launching their careers. It was apparent to the committee that Marmaz was carefully supporting their clients with an attention to detail that evidences quality and a dedication to customer service.

In an interview with Hilda Cárdenas, Marketing and Strategic Planning Coordinator for the company, she put it this way: “Quality Control at our company begins by designing a custom made, specific strategy for each client and carefully supervising strategic elements at every stage. We match the correct people to each project, and are obsessive about measuring results and reaching targets.”

Readers can see and hear the results of Marmaz’ efforts next time they hear such up and coming artists as Sanalejo, Rakel, Marre, Shery, 3 Dueños or Bacanos. Because of its commitment to continuous quality improvement and comprehensive customer service, Corporación Marmaz has been selected to receive the BID Quality Crown Award for 2015 at the convention in London.


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