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eDoctor Consultations from Sri Lanka

Web-based telemedicine service innovates in emerging industry

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Located off the southeastern tip of the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka is a relatively large island nation of about 20.5 million people. Its capital city, Colombo, is a bustling metropolis, and the surrounding areas of the Island are a combination of lush tropical nature, ancient and mysterious ruins, and miles of pristine beaches. This and more contributes to Sri Lanka’s ample tourism industry, and its excellent quality of life.

Despite the relaxing atmosphere, people in Sri Lanka are busy. Unemployment is very low, sometimes under 4%, and work takes up a majority of people’s time. This is thanks to an economy that has been growing robustly for over a decade. Between the bustling tourism business and all agricultural export, textile and apparel manufacturing, and shipping activity, there is less free time than ever, which sometimes leaves things like wellness and health to fall by the wayside.

Despite the fact that healthcare is a universal right in Sri Lanka, and is free to all citizens, not everyone has the time keep appointments or wait in line with busy work schedules. While private health care is present, it is often expensive or difficult to access in areas outside of Colombo. One company has sprung up in order to address this gap in health coverage, and provide convenient, instant access to medical knowledge without lines, appointments, or travel.

eDoctor provides comprehensive, web-based services to the people of Sri Lanka in three languages: English, Sinhala, and Tamil. It provides the ability for customers to speak directly with a doctor and seek medical advice about ailments or anything else on their minds. This includes advice about diet and nutrition, exercise, pregnancy and reproductive health, vaccinations, and a lot more. One of the company’s core services is helping customers decide whether a possible health problem is serious enough to warrant seeking care from a specialist, and then making recommendations about which doctor they should see and when.

This not only serves to save their customers time and headache, but also to reduce unnecessary visits to public hospitals and clinics, freeing up man-hours for more pressing health concerns. Another of eDoctor’s core services is its comprehensive electronic medical records databse systems, which helps patients collect, track, and organize their medical histories and have them on hand–either online or through the iOS or Android apps–for doctor visits. Another thing that eDoctor does is help explain the medical reports that patients receive from doctors, so that the pertinent information can be utilized to make positive changes in lifestyle, diet, or medicines taken.

© 2016 RaMena / Jazam R

Telemedicine is a growing field globally, and eDoctor is an excellent example of a service that both provides timely and essential information and helps people utilize health care more effectively. eDoctors team of physicians are available to speak with customers through telephone, email, or online chats.

eDoctor’s userbase has grown rapidly since its founding in 2012. It now has over 15,000 subscribers, and has partnered with 30 hospitals around Sri Lanka. With such a large base of users, and playing such an important role in their lives, quality is of the utmost importance to eDoctor. Firstly the care that employees take in providing accurate information must be second to none, and correctly identifying a serious medical condition when one comes up can routinely save lives. Secondly, excellence in technology is extremely important, as medical records entrusted to the company must be available and organized for instantaneous the moment that they’re needed.

For its innovations in the telemedicine industry, and its excellent financial markers such as growth and adoption-rates, eDoctor is likely to attract increasing amounts of international attention in the coming years. Perfectly occupying the space between public information, personalized service, and online record keeping, eDoctor is a model for startups all around the world to aspire to.


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