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Médica Intensiva Aguascalientes

In the growing industrial city of Aguascalientes, Mexico, health and security propels development

© 2016 Raul Men / Javizam
Mexico, the 11th most populous country in the world with 122 million residents, is a major economy that has been seeing stable growth in recent years. Real GDP grew 2.5% in 2015, and is expected to increase at levels of over 3% in both 2016 and 2017.

This development is attributed to the steady growth of the Manufacturing sector in Mexico, which attracts large, global firms that choose to set up operations in the country. This leads to an increase in formal employment, adding disposable income and an increased demand for services such as healthcare, banking, security, telecommunications, and more, growing the economy as a whole. This kind of incremental and organic growth is the best kind, and leads to an increase in quality of life for people of all income-levels.

With an increase in formal work activities comes a proliferation of formalized work environments. The people that would have been day laborers, migrating from site to site with changing agricultural seasons are now employed in offices, plants, and all manner of industrial facility, which are popping up all over the country, bringing a new focus on work safety, security, and emergency preparedness. One company that is working in this area is Médica Intensiva Aguascalientes, from Mexico.

Médica Intensiva specializes in the provision of prehospital emergency services in the state and city of Aguascalientes, a quickly growing municipality in Central Mexico. With just over a million inhabitants, the densely populated capital city of Aguascalientes is making a name for itself as an industrial power within Mexico. While the old city features a preponderance of beautiful and stately Spanish Colonial architecture, the outskirts is where the bulk of modern development can be seen and felt.

© 2016 Raul Men / Javizam
Aguascalientes is now home to a Nissan assembly plant, a Toyota assembly plant, and a Texas Instruments facility, and a growing number of small and medium businesses support and add to the functions of these international operations. It is these small and medium businesses that Medica Intensiva provides with emergency medical services, safety and health precautionary training, and more.

In the new, increasingly formalized work environs of Aguascalientes, Médica Intensiva works with businesses to help increase safety and preparedness, reduce work-related accidents, and promote an environment of health and security. It does this, in part, with its fleet of top-of-the-line ambulances and highly trained staff of emergency medical technicians, who can respond at a moment's notice should a worker or customer have a medical emergency at one of its clients’ locations. Médica Intensiva also provides event coverage services, having an ambulance and medics ready at races, sporting events, large trade fairs, and more.

Médica Intensiva also provides First Aid and CPR training to clients, makes customized emergency preparedness plans, and makes hygiene and security assessments of facilities.


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