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Moghan Electrical & Industrial Trade Company from Mashhad, Iran

Leading trader of electrical wiring and components increases Iranian market presence internationally

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Iran, known throughout history by the name of Persia, is a place where ancient history was created, civilizations rose and fell, and the East and West first joined together in trade by forming the Silk Road. Iran is not merely a historical document, however. Though it is still home to many beautiful ruins and relics that tell of its ancient past, the country today is a modern, regional power, with 78.4 million inhabitants, a major capital city, and an important role to play in the global business landscape.

For years, Iran’s economy has been known principally for its large state-controlled oil reserves and fossil fuel export business, but in reality, Iran is much more than that. It is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank, with high levels of human development according to the United Nations Development Programme’s human development index (HDI), and this not only thanks to a culture that values education and providing universal social services and healthcare, but also a productive and innovative middle class whose private businesses run the gamut from small mom-and-pop bakeries to midsize technical manufacturers, filling every niche in a diverse economy.

It is at the small and medium enterprise (SME) level of the economy that Iran consistently shines. And while the country’s capital and largest city Tehran is home to the majority of SME’s in the country, and thus receives the majority of the press coverage, Iran’s second largest city, Mashhad, is arguably just as important when it comes to entrepreneurial activity. Close to the borders with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, Mashhad’s strategic position in the northeast corner of the country makes it ideally situated for international trade, especially regionally. The city was once a major oasis along the Silk Road, and is known for being a major trading center of the internationally-desired spice Saffron even to this day. The tomb of Imam Reza attracts tens of millions of visitors on pilgrimage each year, making Mashhad a leader in the Iranian tourism industry, with 55% of the nation’s hotel rooms located in the city.

Despite the city’s reputation as a center for the arts and its more tourist-oriented goods like Iranian sweets, leather goods, and the aforementioned Saffron, Mashhad is also major center of manufacturing as well. It is the second largest producer of automobiles in the country, and home to manufacturers of steel products, producers of alloys, and electrical components. Smart companies that recognize Mashhad’s potential for international trade in today’s fast-moving, global marketplace have set up operations here, and the company that best exemplifies Mashhad’s suitability for international outreach is Moghan Electrical & Industrial Trade Company, a leading marketer, seller, and distributor of electrical wiring and related components that is based in the city.

International expansion and marketing success through organizational quality

© 2016 Ralmen / Dave V

When Moghan Electrical & Industrial Trade Company was set-up as a sales and distribution subsidiary of Moghan Wire & Cable Company in 1991, company leadership decided that Mashhad was the perfect place to set up shop. Moghan Wire & Cable, a major Iranian manufacturer of wires and cable since 1982, wanted to expand the reach of its products into the northeast section of the country and across the border to other countries in the region, and beyond. Moghan Trade, the resultant venture, has been wildly successful in that regard, not only helping its parent company to grow, but also becoming a major business in its own right in the process.

In 2006, Moghan Wire & Cable began work on a cutting-edge factory in Sharud, a town at the strategic halfway point between Mashhad and Tehran. The new Moghan factory is one of the single largest producers of wire and cable in the Middle East, both in terms of production capacity and variety, with virtually every variety of cable being made at the massive facility. Products marketed and sold by Moghan Trade include wire and cabling that with varieties that can handle voltages up 230KV, lamps and lights, miniature switches and breakers, fuses, electrical sockets, specialized transformers (such as for use with fluorescent lights), light switches, and much more.

Not only is Moghan Trade responsible for marketing and distributing Moghan Wire & Cable products in Mashhad and internationally, it has also become a distribution and sales partner for dozens of other manufacturers as well, both importing components from overseas and exporting hundreds of tons of product to countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe each year.

Moghan Trade has had a business presence in Afghanistan for over 20 years, and has established a presence in CIS countries such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan for over 15 years now. Its new frontier is in Eastern Europe, where the company is making headway with its excellent products and unrivaled levels of customer service and quality.

With such a wide array of high quality products and a massive value proposition, Moghan Trade is strategically increasing its levels of international communications efforts, and important part of making a first impression in a new market.

For its consistent execution of its mission as a company, its continuous expansion both into new products and partnerships and new international markets, and for the high levels of customer satisfaction that it has achieved through the deployment of a comprehensive quality assurance program, Moghan Electrical & Industrial Trade has been selected to receive the prestigious 2016 BID International Quality Award from Business Initiative Directions, the world's leading authority on organizational quality and excellence around the globe.


BID is a private and independent organization founded in 1984, whose primary activity is business communication orientated towards quality, excellence and innovation in management. A leader in the broadcasting of Quality Culture, BID recognizes those companies and organizations which lead the most important activities in the business world, and is considered the founding organization in the broadcasting of the Culture of Quality, Excellence and Innovation in 179 countries. The trophy symbolizes a pledge to the principles of Quality Culture. The QC100 Total Quality Management Model, together with the Quality Mix program, media coverage of the convention and its impact on the community and business sector, create an unmatched platform for continuous improvement within the organization and awareness of the achievements of the company at an international level. Awards are given only to those who are committed to improving their Quality Culture based on the principles of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Candidates are proposed by the leaders of previously awarded companies who they consider worthy of the award. Especially meritorious candidates may also be nominated. The International BID Quality Award Selection Committee then chooses the winning companies who will receive the award in New York, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and London.