Using local products and expertise in European pastries to create bite sized delicacies

Myatt Café: A piece of sweet excellence in Cape Town

Top-Notch chocolaterie built on an unquestionable commitment to detail and Quality

© 2016 R Mena / Dave V

Food is a multifaceted concept, especially from a business perspective. At the base level, food is considered a necessity, but we know that, with the increase in globalization and world-wide incomes, many foods can be a luxury as well.

Food has always been a reliable channel of gaining insight about the social structure, values, and status of a civilization and its culture. Today, thanks to globalization, food has become a cultural phenomenon. The different cuisines have attain global reach, leading to the appearance of Italian high cuisine restaurants in Japan, vietnamese street food trucks in the middle of Time Square and french chocolateries in South Africa. The abundance of styles and options has increased the level of competition in the field, turning quality and excellence into a must for every single player involved in the luxury cuisine industry.

One of the prime examples of introducing quality into a very demanding market is Myatt Café, of South Africa. Its culinary proposal brings reminiscences of Paris’s alluring chocolateries and small cafes, the Myatt Café is a force to be reckoned in the luxury dessert scene in Cape Town.

Offering a wide range of chocolate based desserts, muffins, cupcakes and bombons, this boutique café is gathering the right kind of attention for their commitment to quality and the almost obsessive dedication his chef shows towards detail in everyone of its preparations.

Without any kind of discussion, one of Myatt Café flagships are its amazing macaroons.

Would you like some heaven with your tea?

© 2016 R Mena / Dave V

Can you imagine the difficulty and craftsmanship behind the internationally famous french epic-level pastry named macaroon? Very well now imagine the complexity of capturing a flavour so delicated, so tender, as it is the taste of roses. Myatt Café has had the courage to combine this two titanic accomplishment into one astonishing trick properly named: rose macarons.

To topple with this sublime creation, Myatt Café has collected another small pieces of heaven among which you could find: mocca, honey and saffron, pistachio and blueberry macarons, to name only a few. Special mention deserves the passion fruit macaroon, a magnificent combination of european arts, and tropical fruits, proving that excellence can be achieve with local products.

But if macarons is not your thing -we couldn’t imagine why, but nonetheless- you can try out the extensive chocolat offer ranging from bonbons to muffins and, of course, cakes. Names like Banoffee and Chocolate Dense, are but the sweet prelude to a total immersion into chocolate goodness.

Myatt Café has a broad selection of finely crafted, artisan products. Elaborated under the most strict high level pastry. Showing how a top notch chocolaterie is possible outside Belgium and France.

For their commitment towards one of the most demanding field of a very demanding sector itself, for proving their capacity to innovate by using local ingredients, and for showing a keen dedication to detail and customer satisfaction, in accordance with the core concepts behind Quality Culture, Business Initiative Directions wishes to grant Myatt Café with the BID International Quality Award 2016, in recognition to its continuous improvement and its search for excellence.


BID is a private and independent organization founded in 1984, whose primary activity is business communication orientated towards quality, excellence and innovation in management. A leader in the broadcasting of Quality Culture, BID recognizes those companies and organizations which lead the most important activities in the business world, and is considered the founding organization in the broadcasting of the Culture of Quality, Excellence and Innovation in 179 countries. The trophy symbolizes a pledge to the principles of Quality Culture. The QC100 Total Quality Management Model, together with the Quality Mix program, media coverage of the convention and its impact on the community and business sector, create an unmatched platform for continuous improvement within the organization and awareness of the achievements of the company at an international level. Awards are given only to those who are committed to improving their Quality Culture based on the principles of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Candidates are proposed by the leaders of previously awarded companies who they consider worthy of the award. Especially meritorious candidates may also be nominated. The International BID Quality Award Selection Committee then chooses the winning companies who will receive the award in New York, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and London.