Premium services both for business and leisure in the center of Czech Republic

Obecní dům: Halls for business events with quality and luxury fit for a king

Historical prestige and modern technology join in to create a business and conference center dedicated to the highest quality service

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The Municipal House of Prague, known in Czech as Obecní dům, combines history with modern commodities, to become one of the Premium conference centers of Europe. Inside his halls kings had dined, empresses had sustained historical meetings and generals had decided the fate of an entire continent. For this it’s only reasonable to assume that nowadays, this prestigious house of music and arts had become the number one center for high level conferences among the business leaders of the Czech Republic.

A position hold with pride by the Obecní dům by offering an exclusive selection of high level services: conference halls, expository halls, music and concert halls, restaurants, coffee and barista services, and on request, specially design halls for video and multimedia projections.

This broad selection of expository halls, combine with the commodity of being place in the hearth of Prague, accessible by multiple public transportation options and in one of the most historical and beautiful districts of the old kingdom of Bohemia, makes the Municipal House a preferred location for business entrepreneurs.

Technological progress matches with historical prestige to deliver excellence

King Wenceslas IV decided in the late 14th century to establish his residence in a vital point close to the hearth of the Prague Villa, this area, beside the fortification walls, was built the Kings Court, the first name given to the later Municipal House of Prague.

During the course of the years, this prestigious location served as the official residence for both kings and emperors of the Habsurg dynasty, and in turn it became a landmark for the capital of Czech Republic, transforming itself around the year 1912 into the current Municipal House of Prague.

Nonetheless, it will be a terrible mistake to assume that the Obecní dům is an outdated building. Nothing could be more wrong. The current Municipal House is a paramount of modern technology for communication, business presentations and sound engineering.

Among his services the Municipal House can boost to offer Graphic Equalizer Klark Technic DNMini Disc compatibility and portable DVD Players, as well as a full array of data projectors, HD led monitors and several overhead projectors as options to the most demanding business leaders.

For this union between the prestige of history and the power of technology, BID technical panel as awarded the Municipal House of Prague with the BID Quality Award 2016, in recognition to their development of the Elon Musk approach towards quality management.

This means to base their service and products, upon technology and commodity understood as a healthy relation between luxury and efficiency. Showing in this way, an outstanding progress in the never ending battle for Total Quality.

© 2016 D.Davga / Rulmen A.


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