As NASA ends its space shuttle program it will pay Russia $50 million USD per seat to ferry American astronauts

Air Cargo Leader Polet Airlines of Russia Rising to the Top

The Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D) award winning airline has partnerships with the Federal Space Agency of Russia and fellow B.I.D. winner the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center

Konstantin Karpov, General Director of Polet, a Russian company, producer of spacecraft and launch vehicles operating under the Russian Space AgencyPolet Airlines has been honored several times in recognition of their expertise in quality management from B.I.D. Jose E. Prieto, President and C.E.O. of B.I.D., presented the awards to General Director, Anatoly Karpov in Geneva in 2000, Mr. Mikhail Aksarov, Flight Planning Manager, in Frankfurt in 2001, and Mr. Konstantin Karpov, Deputy General Manager, in London in 2007. As a testament to their excellent quality standards, the entire Polet Airline fleet bears the B.I.D. logo.

The United States retired its NASA space shuttle program as of July 2011 after the completion of the 100 billion USD International Space Station, ending a 50 year reign of dominance in the realm of manned space exploration. The final 12 day voyage of the space shuttle Atlantis was not particularly exciting compared to the previous 134 missions, an American crew of four astronauts, downsized from the normal crew size of six or seven, was responsible for delivering supplies and transporting old equipment and trash back to earth. On board included more than five tons of food, clothing, computers, spare parts and science equipment, to sustain the station for another six months until the next delivery. The Station will largely depend on the space programs of Russia, Europe, and Japan to ferry supplies. NASA will pay Russia a hefty 50 million USD per seat to ferry American astronauts.

This presents a great opportunity for Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) winner Polet Airlines of Russia who has been the general carrier for the Federal Space Agency of Russia and the European Space Agency, having transported over 80 spacecraft, satellite equipment, rockets, aircraft engines, among other enormous cargo loads. It is an industry expert when it comes to the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, operating the world’s largest ever serially-manufactured cargo airplane and world’s second largest operating cargo aircraft. Polet has maintained a partnership with fellow B.I.D. award winner, the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Centre, for over 10 years, carrying numerous rockets and satellites for the Moscow based spacecraft producer.
The quality and precision of Polet’s work makes it a preferred provider when it comes to transporting oversize cargo. This meticulous attention to detail and accuracy is apparent in some projects in which the clearance between the cargo and plane is only a couple millimeters. Its highly professional team of loadmasters utilizes the latest computer technologies and years of experience to assess cargo load ability for each unique mission, sending a consultant to each client’s location to personally assess and provide recommendations to prepare each transport, a practice that has allowed the airline to consistently beat out competitors.

B.I.D. awarded Polet Airlines for its outstanding commitment to excellent customer service and continued innovation. For Polet, quality is not merely a static statement within the organization’s mission and vision, but it is practiced daily as an integral part of their company culture.