Business Initiative Directions (BID) award winner, Reliance Industries ranks 134th on the Fortune Global 500 with $63 billion USD in assets and $58 billion USD in revenue.

India’s Largest Private Company, Reliance Industries: An Innovative Industry Leader Awarded by BID

Mr. Hardev Singh Kohli, Executive Director of Reliance Industries Ltd., received multiple awards from Jose E. Prieto, President and CEO of BID at the Quality Conventions in Frankfurt, Geneva, and London. 

Hardev Singh Kohli (right), Executive Director of Reliance Industries Ltd, Hazira, from India and Jose E. Prieto, CEO and President of Business Initiative Directions. Reliance holds position 134 in the Fortune Global 500
Reliance’s origins are actually in the textile industry, however through vertical integration strategies its three core segments blossomed to include petrochemicals, refining, and oil and gas. The company is estimating an investment of $12 billion USD in new major projects over the next 4-5 years. As the world’s largest polyester producer, RIL is poised for great success as the polyester market is projected to grow by more than 6.6% per year. The world market for polyester is forecast to exceed 43 million tons by the year 2017 as a result of growing consumption levels in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly led by China and India.

Along with the distinction of the world’s largest polyester producer comes the responsibility of the largest producer of polyester waste. However due to the firm’s commitment to innovation, quality, and corporate responsibility, RIL has invented a way to recycle the waste into a usable product. As a result, the world’s largest refinery which is owned by Reliance, coupled with the largest polyester recycling center, is a “zero discharge” refinery.

Business Initiative Directions (BID) has recognized the unmistakable caliber of Reliance multiple times, granting awards ranging from the International Quality Crown Award to the International Arch of Europe, among others. For this reason, BID welcomed Reliance into the International Quality Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed only on the best of the best, which includes other big name companies such as Turner Construction, Walmart, and Alcoa.