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Restaurante Paladar Cafe Laurent Havana

Cuban "paladar" quickly establishing itself as a favorite in Havana

© 2015 Raumen / Jaer Zamor
Cuba, the largest of the Island nations in the caribbean, is also home to the caribbean’s most important city: Havana. Home to over 2 million people, this cosmopolitan metropolis is the focal point of worldwide tourism in the region. Its distinct culture, its internationally renowned arts scene, and its famous cuisine are some of what make Cuba such a sought-after vacation destination.

With the the thawing of relations between Cuba and the United States, Cuba is preparing itself to welcome a massive influx of new visitors to a country that is already a very popular destination for Europeans and Canadians alike.

The touristic attraction of Cuba is two-fold: immense natural beauty, present in thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline, and its amazing, jewel of a capital city. Havana is a place that enchants with its music, its dancing, and its food. Its home-grown cocktails, such as the mojito, daiquiri, and the cubata (or cuba libre) are based on its native liquor, Cuban rum, which which now enjoyed all over the world.

While the Cuban food is world famous, Restaurante Paladar Cafe Laurent, one of the finest restaurants in Havana, is located in someone’s home. In fact, all privately-owned restaurants in Cuba, known as paladars, are located in homes. As strange as this sounds, it’s true. This is due to a law that limits the ownership of restaurants by private individuals in odd ways. The law states that any privately held restaurant is limited to the space in someone’s own home. Cafe Laurent turned a large family home into a world-class dining establishment.

© 2015 Raumen / Jaer Zamor
Nearly all of the restaurants most-frequented by tourists—those on swanky hotel rooftops and next to resort pools—traditionally, have been owned by the Cuban government. These restaurants are much too expensive for locals to enjoy, and often pander to foreign tastes over Cuban authenticity. Cafe Laurent, however, is one of the paladars that is starting to change this. Tourists are making their way to Cafe Laurent to experience a fine, gastronomical experience as imagined by the sincerely Cubano.

The menu features over 30 dishes expertly crafted by Cafe Laurent’s talented staff, dishes that are served in the exquisite atmosphere of the reimagined home. It’s central location gives diners amazing views of Havana’s distinctive architecture and the sea from Cafe Laurent’s fantastic rooftop dining area.

Cuba’s tourism sector is only growing, and it is paladars such as Restaurante Paladar Cafe Laurent Havana that will have the biggest impact on visitor’s memories of the island. The warm welcome into a local’s home, a spot by the window, and a wonderful plate of food served with attention and care are what makes Cafe Laurent one of the best restaurants in all of Havana.


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