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RIW Automotive Manufacturing & Trade Co

Turkish manufacturer part of automotive revolution

© 2015 R. Mena / J. Zamora
Turkey is classified by many economists and political scientists as a newly industrialized nation. This industrialization combined with the country’s large population of nearly 80 million people and a labour force of nearly 28 million people have lead The International Monetary Fund (IMF) to officially define the economy of Turkey as an emerging market. A key element in the large manufacturing sector of Turkey’s industrial economy is made up the country’s ever growing automotive industry. With production plants from global car manufacturers including Fiat/Tofas, Oyak-Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda and Ford/Otosan, Turkey now ranks as the 6th largest producer of cars in Europe and 15th largest in the world. In addition to these car production plants, many parts suppliers have also risen up to help make the Turkish automotive industry a key part of the global car production network. In 2008 alone, Turkey was responsible for exporting almost $23 billion worth of motor vehicles and components.

As the automotive industry of Turkey continues to grow its manufacturing and exporting abilities, opportunities for serving niche markets with specialized production capabilities also rise. Since 2003, one company that has capitalized on this growing market is RIW Automotive Manufacturing & Trade Co. In only 12 years, RIW has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in steering and suspension parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the nation of Turkey. The company aims to succeed by utilizing advanced technology, by creating products and services with maximum value, and by meeting their customers’ needs. With variety in their product line, high quality parts, competitive prices, and customer-focused studies, RIW has been able to rapidly expand their business and supply parts in an area with high demand.

RIW’s foundation on quality as a core belief is apparent, as is their mission to serve reliable, value-added, and high quality products to their customers. The company boasts an ISO 9001 certificate as evidence of their commitment to these philosophies.

In order to be perfectly positioned to continue to meet their customers’ needs while also continuing to grow, RIW has developed their own Research and Development department. This allows the company to expand the range of their product lines while also allowing RIW to ensure quality of their parts by testing with advanced technology.

© 2015 R. Mena / J. Zamora
In addition to RIW’s growth locally in Turkey, the company has also taken advantage of the aforementioned large portion of exporting taking place in the Turkish automotive industry. Exporting to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and various CIS countries under the RIW brand, as well as under private labels for aftermarket sales, has allowed the company to cross borders and grow on a global level.

Whether the part is a tie rod end, track control arm, wishbone, stabilizer link, ball joint or axial joint, RIW’s commitment to quality, to customer service, and to planning for growth and development will ensure the company retains its hold on this flourishing market in Turkey for the foreseeable future, while also giving RIW Automotive Manufacturing & Trade Co. the tools to continue expanding globally.


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