Aerospace engineers bolster national air defense with Quality

Sattva Aero Accessories and Systems Private Limited from India

Top OEM provides essential parts and subsystems for many of India’s fighter aircraft

© 2016 Dave V / Raoul Men

Fighter aircraft are some of the most important, most expensive, and most technologically advanced weapons in any military’s arsenal. The idea of a light, fast, and small plane built for air-to-air combat was originally conceived during World War I, when the need to deny enemy aircraft and dirigibles the opportunity to reconnoiter the battlefield became apparent. Today, the importance of achieving air supremacy is universally accepted as an essential part of securing victory in conventional warfare. And by far, the most indispensable tool in the fight for air superiority is the fighter jet.

Most countries source their fighter jets from the United States or Russia due to the immense difficulty and expense of designing and producing original aircraft. The United States, for example, spends billions and billions of dollars on designing and procuring new fighter aircraft, and many of these projects are plagued with immense budget overruns and late delivery. Many militaries find it more economically feasible to simply purchase older, yet proven fighters from the world’s established military powers.

India, on the hand, is different. South Asia has always been a complex geopolitical environment, and conflicts are unfortunately not out of the ordinary. As the major power in the region, India has a responsibility to both itself and its neighbors to be a stabilizing force. In the early days of the IAF (Indian Air Force), India was among the countries that sourced its aircraft from Russia and the United States.

India though, unlike the smaller countries that turn to foreign aircraft, is blessed with vast resources and a deep well of native engineering talent. In the 1980’s, the country saw fit to pursue the creation of its own fighter aircraft, and to put in place an aerospace industry to manufacture and design these sophisticated weapons. India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) began designing and building India’s first indigenous military aircraft, which resulted in the delta-wing HAL Tejas and the Hal Dhruv helicopter.

As they years went by however, the dream of building aircraft entirely in India was never completely realized. Though final assembly would take place in India, many of the most sophisticated and expensive parts had to be flown in from far-flung locales at great expense. In response to this immense need in the Indian aerospace industry, three veterans at HAL decided to form their own private company, Sattva Aero Accessories and Systems, to fill the gap.

© 2016 Dave V / Raoul Men

Sattva Aero Accessories and Systems Private Limited (AASPL) is an OEM in the Indian military aerospace industry, the first of its kind. Founded in 2007, the company supplies many of the sophisticated mechanical parts and controllers that jets rely on for each and every flight. Sattva AASPL makes hydraulic actuators, generators, motors, armatures, and more.

The advantages of having an OEM within India, specifically serving Indian interests, are many. Sattva AASPL creates parts that can help stave off obsolescence for older aircraft, such as India’s aging MIG fleet, and can perform mid-life upgrades on planes to extend their usefulness. It has assembled a native team of designers, engineers, and manufacturing specialists the likes of which had simply never existed in India before.

Due to the importance and sophistication of the systems Sattva AASPL works in, quality is non-optional. Thus, the company has adopted the Total Quality Management model in the areas of pursuing zero defects, continuous improvement, the elimination of waste, and customer satisfaction.

With the founders’ experience working in the public sector, many of the quality technologies they had picked up there have been brought over to Sattva AASPL, and new ones are being added all the time. For the company’s immense dedication to its country, its customers, and to quality, Business Initiative Directions has decided to recognize Sattva Aero Accessories and Systems Private Limited with it 2016 BID Quality Award.


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