Traveling to a multicultural Paradise

Smile Hotel, a quality welcome to Suriname

Experience a taste of India in the middle of the tropical rain forest

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Suriname, is a melting pot of cultures is composed by perhaps the largest Hindu population in South America. and is one of the most pristine paradises in the world. It is a land of tropical rain forests where rivers run obsidian dark and untamed, having such size that might as likely could be used for long trips as highways. This beautiful land has not one, but two rainy seasons, and travelers who would prefer to vacation under sunny skies should plan to visit either in February or between July and November.

The capital city of Paramaribo is a sleepy, colonial era town with an eclectic mix of Chinese, Dutch, Hindustani, Indian and Javanese residents living in picturesque structures built around centuries old squares and marketplaces. Paramaribo is exotic, relaxing and friendly, and unlike practically any other place on the planet.

Many of the buildings date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, making Paramaribo old by New World standards. The streets are narrow and winding, in the style of late Renaissance European villages but mixed with distinctively American architecture. And while the old European influence remains strong, mosques and synagogues share space with a mix of descendants of Javanese and Indian immigrants, many of whom arrived back when those lands were under the control of Holland. There are squares, an impressive presidential palace, littoral walkways and avenues and a clutch of ferries that take advantage of its location on the coast. Visitors can explore Fort Zeelandia, built in the 17th century, or cross the river to Nieuw Amsterdam to see the 18th century fortification built there.

Since the country is located in the South American tropics, it is not unusual to see monkeys, pythons and other exotic animals while listening to the musical cadence of the local creole language. Many of the inhabitants speak English, and the warm and friendly people are a delight.

© 2016 Dave G. / J.Zam

While staying in Paramaribo, many smart travelers choose the Smile Hotel as their base of operations. The Smile Hotel caters to vacationers and business travelers, and is focused on providing a secure, quality experience for its guests. The owners and managers have instilled a culture of Total Quality Management by developing strict rules and standards for front desk operations, housekeeping, kitchen management and security. They also engage in active customer satisfaction procedures, making it easy for visitors to make suggestions and for the staff to cater to their needs. The name of the Smile Hotel is not by accident; indeed it represents a philosophy of doing business were carefully followed standards result in a pleasant and happy stay for clients.

One of the value added services available at the Smile Hotel is a tour service to the interior of Suriname so that guests can experience the rainforest firsthand. Transfers from the airport are also arranged by the staff, and massage and facial treatments are available for those who need just a bit more pampering.

One activity which deserves special mention and which shows the spirit of caring exhibited by the people who operate the Smile Hotel is their engagement with local schoolchildren. Suriname is a developing country, and for many students do not have access to internet at home, the hotel invites these students into their conference room to make use of the Wifi there provided, for free. Furthermore, they are supervised and mentored by hotel management who encourage them to study, praising them when they succeed, and prodding them forward when they falter. This shows as a clear proof of Smile Hotel commitment towards their community, a commitment that is common to find in organizations that thrive forward under social responsible leadership.

Management at the hotel is also moving towards ISO 9001 certification, something that is important to BID because it demonstrates a commitment to Total Quality Management. Combined with their particularly creative approach to improving the community through its program of educational support for local schoolchildren, makes Smile Hotel in Suriname an international example of excellence and continuous improvement towards achieving the complex goal of Total Quality.


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