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Strategic Hedge Capital

Ghanaian investment bank builds strong brand name for excellence

© 2015 Javier Z / D. Vega
Ghana has one of the highest GDPs per capita in Africa, due in large part to its varied and expansive resource base. This includes a wide spectrum of industry, ranging from the manufacturing and exportation of digital technology goods, to automotive and ship construction, and the exportation of resources such as hydrocarbons and industrial minerals. In 2011, Ghana became the fastest growing economy in the world. With this growth comes much financial gain and the opportunities and difficulties of managing and investing large amounts of money.

In light of these opportunities and challenges, Ghana’s most important corporations and institutions have entrusted Strategic Hedge Capital (SHC), an investment banking company, with their business in more than six sectors. With the aim of being the leading trusted and privately locally-linked partner for wealthy, corporate, and institutional clients, SHC provides strategic advice, raises capital, manages risk and extends liquidity across banking and financial markets around the country of Ghana. With a local market share of 20% and the drive to continue seeking a bigger portion of the market with more innovation in complex transactions, comprehensive financial advisory and structured solutions to meet the varying needs of their clients, SHC is poised to benefit from Ghana’s rapid growth.

SHC gives its clients access to its local network of specialists who find ideal solutions for linking clients with capital, solutions and industry expertise around Ghana and beyond. Their local expertise and insight combined with their powerful brand have enabled SHC to become a key player in the investment banking industry and furthered the company’s strategic objective of building a top-class investment banking franchise focused exclusively on Ghanaian firms. Specializing in large and complex financial transactions such as underwriting, acting as an intermediary between companies and investors, facilitating corporate reorganizations and actings as financial adviser has allowed them to flourish in Commodities and Energy and Infrastructure Finance, their core focus. Simultaneously, their Global Market Division is responsible for all proprietary trading business.

© 2015 Javier Z / D. Vega
The Strategic Hedge Capital brand is one of integrity, competence, and diligence, and is an icon of professionalism and a dedication to serving clients and the public. The company is driven by a passion to perform and a desire to work with strong brands who they feel they can trust and admire. SHC’s desire to serve the public is exemplified by their participation in the Thomson Reuters 4th Annual Trading Africa Summit in Cape Town, South Africa. SHC Chief Executive Officer Franklin Roosevelt Afotey was one of a few participants representing Ghana at the summit in which members of the regional trading and investment community discussed Africa’s economic issues in hopes of finding ways to navigate the growing, risky, illiquid and non-transparent market of many African economies, as well as challenges emerging from the oil market. This resulted in SHC being awarded the Thomson Reuters Company Price of the Day in Africa on March 5, 2015.

With a focus on excellence in the core of operation, SHC’s commitment to quality has allowed the company to become the leading client-centric investment bank in their region. In a business where developing trust with the client is absolutely essential, SHC’s coupling of passion and precision pushes SHC to excel far above the standard.


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