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Tandimex Comércio Geral, Importação e Exportação

Ceramic building materials vendor takes pride in quality

© 2015 R. Mena / David Veg
Luanda, the capital of Angola, is one of the wealthiest cities in all of Africa. In fact, it has been rated as the single most expensive city for expats in the entire world, with nights in hotels running about $500 a night, a dinner with drinks averaging $150, and a huge luxury market in the city. Hugo Boss made so much money in the city that it decided to open another store within walking distance of the first. Premium comes at a premium in Luanda. Unexpected, perhaps, for those less acquainted with Southern Africa. But luxury is a huge market in Angola’s biggest city.

Angola’s economy has largely been built on the back of its resources—namely diamonds and oil—since gaining independence from Portugal in 1975. In the decade immediately following the turn of the millennium, from 2001 to 2010, Angola had the fastest GDP expansion in the world, with an average annual growth of 11.1%. Angola is the second biggest oil exporter in the world, giving plenty of professional workers opportunities in the rising economic and political powerhouse of Africa, Luanda.

With the increase in wealth and the demand for high-quality goods and services, an economic market has emerged to serve this growing segment of the population. New homes are being built, new buildings are going up, and companies are coming to Luanda in droves. Serving these new actors in the city are a wide swath of local companies, participating in the building of Luanda. One company that has emerged as a leader in this new market is Tandimex Comércio Geral, Importação e Exportação.

Tandimex serves the entire Angolan market with premium building materials, both imported and domestically made. It’s focus is on Ceramics, a very important building material in a country with such strong Portuguese cultural influence. Their products, all corrosive resistant for the coastal air of Luanda, include decorative tile and mosaic tiles, ceiling tiles (the red shingle in the Portuguese style is a popular choice), and bath wares. All of its products are of the highest quality, and it provides the utmost in customer service ensure that interior designers, decorators, homeowners, and contractors can make the most of their products.

© 2015 R. Mena / David Veg
The company has adopted a multi-pronged quality policy to meet their goals of attaining continuous growth and high customer satisfaction. It has set strict standards for completing projects on time, on budget, and always taking customer service seriously. It is drawn to providing innovative products that set new marks in durability, beauty, and reliability.

The company, founded 11 years ago in 2004, has proven that it has staying power. Now, it will pursue its goals of creating significant growth year after year and gaining new customers. Right now, it serves 2500 clients, and that number will continue to grow as its brand gains recognition. In the pipeline, the company has concepts for new retail operations ready to go. At such an important juncture in the company’s development, Tandimex has a unique opportunity to accelerate its potential with becoming part of an international community of quality devotees.


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