Spotlight on Innovation

Tehnoprofil, Moldova’s Retreading Experts

New facility in Chișinău promises environmental and economic benefits

The process of de-enveloping of the tires after curing at Tehnoprofil.

Moldova, the small, Eastern European republic that gained independence in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, had to overcome a lot in its early years as a nation. Political instability, a lack of trade partners, and an energy crunch contributed to an early decline in the economy. But throughout the 1990’s, Moldova worked hard to liberalize its market, a sometimes painful prices that ended subsidization of prices, preferential treatment to state enterprises, and other holdover policies from the USSR. Through perseverance, smart decision-making, and the hard work of the Moldovan people, the country turned around its economy, and GDP has been growing steadily since 1999, with growth rates eclipsing 10% for much of the 00’s.

Today, Moldova is known for its viticulture and winemaking, its beautiful natural landscapes, and its beautiful capital, Chișinău. As the political, cultural, and commercial center of the country, its GDP accounts for about 60% of the national economy. With a long and storied history as an industrial powerhouse, Chișinău carries that tradition forward today with healthy development in this sector.

As an older country with a steady population (it has, in fact, fallen slightly over the past few decades), Moldova relies on increased productivity and technological advancement to achieve economic growth. Simply adding more consumers or workers to the economic marketplace is not an option as it is in some developing countries, so entrepreneurs and business managers are tasked with eliminating inefficiencies wherever they might be found. Palin Construct SRL, based in Chișinău, is a company that has introduced a new way of doing just that.

As a landlocked country, Moldova relies heavily on road freight for shipping goods and materials. Additionally, Moldova’s position between the European Union and countries to the east, including Russia, means that there are a lot of heavy trucks rumbling around the nation’s roadways. With all of this shipping activity, costs associated with truck maintenance are extremely high. Palin Construct SRL, under its Tehnoprofil brand name, has built state-of-the-art facilities staffed skilled craftsmen to provide world-class tire retreading for this diverse market.

Tire retreading, the process of outfitting an otherwise stable tire that has worn tread with a new outer layer is a practice that has been around for years. The problem is that, especially in countries like Moldova where specialists simply didn’t exist at the time, many transport firms relied on informal, garage-style workshops for retreading work, resulting in blow outs, debris shedding, and financial benefits that were not exactly out-of-this-world. The reputation of tire retreading as a practice suffered as a result, but the advent of Tehnoprofil’s state-of-the-art facility and its team of well-trained technicians promises to change minds.

Opened in November of 2015 after years of planning, Tehnoprofil’s new specialized facility in Chișinău has capacity for retreading 6,000 tires per year, making it the largest retreading plant in Moldova. It processes tires for trucks, busses, semitrailers, full-size trailers, light trucks, and other industrial vehicles that can be outfitted with dozens of different tread patterns, making them perfectly customized for whatever end-use application may be in store. Available tread patterns include designs for long-haul driving, urban traffic, off-roading, and mixed-application usage.

Above, the Director and the Financial Director of Tehnoprofil during one of the official presentations of the company.

Tehnoprofil utilizes a cutting-edge process and the best materials when it retreads tires. First, the old tires are thoroughly inspected, including the use of advanced techniques to detect non-visible damage. Then, suitable specimens are buffed using a state-of-the-art computerized machine. Next, repairs are made, which entails the removal of embedded foreign objects, applying patches where necessary, and trimming any excess material. A thin layer of specialized cementing material is applied, a layer of raw rubber is laid down, and the new tread is applied. After assembly, the tire is cured in a pressure chamber, which renders the applied layers to fuse as one with the original tire. The result is a tire that is good for tens of thousands of additional miles, and one that can be retreaded again in the future.

The retreading process as practiced by Tehnoprofil, that is to say high quality techniques with top-of-the-line materials, detail-obsessed technicians, and the best available equipment, is an incredible technological innovation with a host of benefits. For one, retreading preserves around 90% of the original material of the old tires, and the process uses about 20% as much material as manufacturing a new tire. This makes tire retreading extraordinarily more efficient and environmentally friendly from both a materials usage and disposal standpoint than manufacturing new tires. In addition to these amazing environmental perks, companies that start with high quality tires and have them retreaded by Tehnoprofil save massive amounts of money over those who continuously go through cheap truck tires. Increased safety, handling, and tire life make investing in retreads the obvious route, and the savings can amount to as much as 50% less cost per kilometer driven.

By using new technology and processes to bring the quality of retreaded tires to a higher level than ever thought possible previously, Tehnoprofil has become a boon for shipping companies in Moldova. In the facility’s short life, it already has attracted over a hundred clients, representing firms both large and small, global and domestic. Customers such as Transpolo, Tintoreto-Trans, and Libra Logistic have already taken advantage of this incredible development for transport companies, and as the word gets out about the advantages of high-quality retreading by qualified professionals, the opportunity for expansion will be huge for Tehnoprofil.

For its positive economic and environmental impact, its high-quality facilities and personnel, and its well-measured business plan, Business Initiative Directions would like to recognize Tehnoprofile SRL from Moldova with its 2016 BID Quality Award.


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