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WinJad: Healing techniques based on millenary traditions

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© 2016 J. Zamora / D. Vega

It was Marco Polo, the famous italian adventurer, the one that best described China “I have told you half of what I saw… yet you still believe half of what I said” The land of the golden dragon has been always a land of wonders. The main reason behind this is the sheer fact of time: China is old. It was one of the first places to be populated by humans, and has been one of the most densely populated places in the entire planted since millenniums.

This has lead the Chinese people to become one of the oldest and more proficient cultures in many, many arts. And the healing arts are not an exception. Chinese traditional medicine has been baffling the western world due its incredible results since the middle ages. Ailments and conditions that the modern medicine is still incapable of healing, are apparently and miraculously healed under the ancient traditions of acupuncture, heat treatments, and shiatsu, just to mention a few.

Some western and african companies have already grasped the wisdom behind this millenary healing techniques, thus creating modern medicinal centers, oriented towards applying the chinese traditional medicine techniques, combined with revolutionary non-traditional medicinal treatments. The end results is a strong option in the healing services, oriented towards those who feel the traditional medicine does not fit their particular needs, or is incapable of providing them relief.

Healing winds from China to Morocco

© 2016 J. Zamora / D. Vega

Many of these new healing centers, specialized in non traditional healing practices, are under control of WinJad, from Morocco. This company has built top notch facilities and created a compendium of therapies built upon the chinese traditional medicine wisdom, and the use of electromagnetic and ionic technologies.

WinJad offers a series of services oriented towards massage and chiropractic techniques and composed around five formats: the WinJad massage couch, shiatsu therapy, chiropractic therapy, moxibustion (traditional chinese heat therapy), acupuncture, jade stones energetic placement therapies and finally infrared therapies.

Alongside this services, WinJad also offers a selected array of non-traditional medicinal equipment composed by the Thermal Camera Model WJ HH, The Thermal Camera Model W3, The WinJad Water Ionizer as well as several models of specialized heating pads.

For modernizing and making accessible to western and african countries the secrets and benefits behind the chinese traditional medicine, for offering a selection of specialized medical equipment and for striving to achieve one of the most noble goals of humanity, healing and wellbeing, Business Initiative Directions wishes to grant WinJad the BID International Quality Award 2016 in recognition to its continuous pursuit of excellence.


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